Sister Kathleen Marie Cash

Hometown: Eddyville, Kentucky

Entrance Date: August 15, 2004

First Profession date: April 28, 2007

Perpetual Profession date: October 1, 2011

Educational background: B.S. in applied mathematics from Brescia University, Owensboro, Kentucky, M. Ed. in Teacher Leadership from University of Louisville; Ph.D. from U of L in Curriculum and Instruction

Work background: Math tutor, lifeguard

Current Ministry: Math teacher at Trinity High School, Louisville, Kentucky

Other interests: Mathematical puzzles and games, listening to and making music, swimming, bike riding, and most sports

What attracted me to this community: Before coming to Ferdinand, I visited an apostolic order. During that visit, I decided that religious life seemed to suit me, but the apostolic lifestyle just wasn’t for me. Upon visiting the Ferdinand Benedictines, I was better able to articulate what I was looking for and what was missing for me in the apostolic life. I think that my main attractions to Benedictine monasticism are the emphasis on community life and the balance of the lifestyle (ora et labora—work and prayer). I found the sisters in this community to be very loving and generous women, and I honestly felt like this would be a good place for me to grow closer to God.