Sister Anna Corrine O’Connor

Hometown: Montgomery, Indiana

Entrance Date: September 1, 1969

First Profession date: June 5, 1971

Perpetual Profession date: August 6, 1977

Educational background: Grade School - St. Peter's in Montgomery, High School - Academy Immaculate Conception, Bachelors in Education from USI in Evansville, Masters in Education from Terre Haute, Masters in Theological Studies from St. Meinrad

Work background: SIRS, St. Vincent Day Care, teacher at St. Matthew's in Mount Vernon, teacher at Washington Catholic, teacher at Holy Redeemer, teacher at St. Ben's, retreat ministry at Kordes, teacher at St. Rose in Louisville

Current Ministries: Theology teacher and service coordinator at Presentation Academy in Louisville

Other interests: Presentation staff book club, Best Buddies Club at Presentation, helping with activities in HHC, gardening

What attracted me to this community: The sisters who taught at Montgomery attracted me to community and to teaching.