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America; the national catholic weekly

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The American Benedictine Academy Publications


Christian History

Sharing our story of faith across the ages.
Current issue is online. Articles from some back issues are online, PDF.
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Cistercian Studies Quarterly

Sample articles can be viewed in Current and Recent Issues.
A Cumulative Index of all articles by author and title is available online.
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Commonweal; a review of religion, politics & culture

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Evansville Courier

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The Journal of Analytic Theology (Open Access)

is a joint publication of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame and Baylor University.
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National Catholic Reporter online


Pastoral Liturgy

Current edition and archives of some articles available.

Pastoral Music

NPM is providing free access to the first thirty-three volumes of Pastoral Music, extending from October-November 1976 through September 2012. Each issue of the magazine is posted here in PDF format for the use of pastoral musicians and others doing research on liturgical and musical issues.

Review for Religious Archives (from 1942-2012)


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