Did you know the Sisters of St. Benedict have an angel of our own?

Christian tradition has organized the angels into nine choirs, including archangels, cherubim, and seraphim. Each of these choirs of angels is depicted beautifully in the nine stained glass windows located in the ambulatory of our monastery church. A tenth window depicts another angel: the “Monastery Angel.” This angel, the guardian angel of our monastery, is depicted holding the monastery church in her hands, providing loving care and support.

The sisters and I are grateful for the many ways you have supported our community. Now, I would like to invite you to consider an even closer relationship with us by becoming a Monastery Angel.

Monastery Angels are friends who have chosen to give regular gifts—monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, in any amount—in support of the Sisters of St. Benedict. Like the Monastery Angel in our church, they provide for our continued care and sustenance.

With their ongoing generosity, Monastery Angels help send our sisters to minister to God’s people. They help us form and educate new members to our community, and they help us care for and support our senior sisters.

Trusting that our Monastery Angels are committed to providing a regular gift allows us to plan and budget for the year’s needs and expenses. That is truly a blessing for us.

We remember our Monastery Angels daily in our prayers. If you choose to become a Monastery Angel, we will trust your commitment and not bother you with frequent appeals for financial support. I will only write to thank you for your gift and to keep you informed as to the good work your generosity makes possible in the life and ministries of the Sisters of St. Benedict.

Please consider walking more closely with us as a Monastery Angel. The sisters and I cherish your friendship and support. May God bless you.


In Christ and St. Benedict,


Sister Anita Louise Lowe, OSB


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