How We Serve

Spiritual Direction

Sister Karen Joseph provides Spiritual Direction.

Spiritual direction is essentially companioning someone in her or his spiritual life. A spiritual director listens to a person’s life story and is attentive with the directee to God’s call and presence as it unfolds in the ordinary events of life. Through monthly conversations, the goal is to deepen one’s relationship with God by learning to recognize divine grace in all aspects of one’s life.

Other ways of describing spiritual direction include holy listening, spiritual friendship, sacred journeying. It is the art of listening with an ear for the movement of the Holy, or the Divine, in the context of a trusting relationship. Because sessions focus on the faith journey, spiritual direction is not a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling.

The standard fee for spiritual direction, which is available at the monastery, or other locations, is usually between $45 – $60 per session, negotiable according to need and arranged with the director. No one will be deprived of spiritual direction for financial reasons.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of the spiritual directors, please call Anita Aders at 812-367-1411, ext. 2915, or Sister Jane Will, OSB, at ext. 2841 or call 800-880-2777.

Spiritual Direction Agreement

A Directee meets with a spiritual director to explore his/her spiritual life. Spiritual direction is the contemplative practice of helping another person or group to awaken to the mystery of God in all of life, and to respond to that discovery in a growing relationship of freedom and commitment. The director follows the “Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.” These guidelines were established by “Spiritual Directors International” and are available upon request.

Although it is appropriate at times to discuss psychological and relational difficulties in the context of spiritual direction, a spiritual director is not a psychotherapist, and does not provide such services.

By entering into a formal relationship of spiritual direction, the director and directee commit to praying regularly for each other.

The director will hold all spiritual direction conversations with the directee in strict confidence. Spiritual Direction time together is sacred. The director will not reveal the content of these conversations except where the directee has given his/her signed consent or where it is legally and/or ethically required, as in cases of actual or suspected abuse, or risk of injury to self, to a minor, or to any third party. Occasionally, the director may need to use material from the sessions for supervision purposes but the directee’s name will not be revealed.

The usual donation is between $45 – $60 per session, negotiable according to need and arranged with the director. No one will be deprived of spiritual direction for financial reasons.

Spiritual Directors

Sister Mary Claude Croteau, OSB

A spiritual director with an emphasis on 12-step spirituality. She is a certified alcoholism counselor and retired teacher.

Sister Betty Drewes, OSB

Director of the Kordes facility and director of hospitality for the Sisters of St. Benedict Spirituality Ministry. Her background includes many years in education, pastoral ministry, counseling, and spiritual direction.

Sister Kathryn Huber, OSB

A trained spiritual director. She has a master’s degree in pastoral studies with a concentration in spirituality, and has served in community leadership for many years.

Sister Karen Joseph, OSB

Sister Karen participates in the Sisters of St. Benedict Spirituality Ministry, and a retreat and workshop presenter. She has served in community leadership roles and in spiritual direction for many years.

Sister Joella Kidwell, OSB

Trained in spirituality, spiritual direction, and discernment. She has served in vocation work and in community leadership roles, and is currently president of the Federation of St. Gertrude.

Sister Mary Carol Kinghorn

A trained spiritual director. Her background includes many years in elementary education and administration. She has also served as formation director and health care administrator in the community.

Sister Pat McGuire

Sister Pat has a Master's degree in Christian Spirituality and certification in Spiritual Direction. She has served as teacher, missionary, pastoral associate, and Director of Temporary Professed for the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand.

Sister Rose Wildeman, OSB

Monastery coordinator at the Ferdinand monastery, and is a trained spiritual director.

Sister Jane Will, OSB

Spirituality ministry program director for the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, is a licensed clinical psychologist, a spiritual director, and is trained in religious formation and education.