Stillpoint Music Ministry


The music of Stillpoint

…is composed and performed by the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand
.…consists of original compositions, written during times of prayer, retreat, and solitude
.…draws inspiration from Scripture, the Rule of St. Benedict, the Liturgy of the Hours, beloved prayers, and other meaningful source material
.…features a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, string bass, recorder, percussion, trumpet, handbells, cello, and harp.

“We see music as a universal language that touches the very heart of the human experience.”

The Sisters of Stillpoint

They began as a nine-member dance band called The Combo, to provide entertainment for their religious community. Then the sisters started performing at nursing homes, parishes, and other locations connected to the Ferdinand Benedictines.

They became Stillpoint in 1988 with their first recording of original religious music, Sounds of Peace, and as Stillpoint they’ve since recorded three other albums.

Today Stillpoint is made up of seven Benedictine sisters who share the belief that music can praise God, create community, and touch the human spirit.  Members of Stillpoint include Sister Brenda Engleman, Sister Ann Francis Hillenbrand, Sister Anita Louise Lowe, Sister Mary Frances Schafer, Sister Karlene Sensmeier, Sister Mary Louise Uebelhor, and Sister Rose Wildeman.

Individually, they serve in education, parish ministry, social work, liturgy, community leadership, and Oblate ministry. As Stillpoint, they minister with their music at parish missions, days of reflection, concerts, and liturgical celebrations. Both individually and as Stillpoint, their ministries touch the hearts of children, adults, the homeless, and those who are celebrating, struggling, serving, grieving, and searching.

And if a dance band is needed, The Combo still performs a rousing version of “The Chicken Dance.”


Stillpoint performs in concert for not-for-profit groups, including churches. Stillpoint also plans and leads days of reflection and missions for parish communities based on themes developed with parish staffs.

Here are some examples of themes that Stillpoint has used:

  • From the Ashes
  • Building Up a People of God
  • Lent: How Are We Doing
  • Peace Planting
  • Spirit-ing the Church
  • God’s Dream for You

If you’re interested in a Stillpoint concert, day of reflection, or parish mission, please contact Stillpoint at 812-367-1411, ext. 2640, or e-mail

“Our music is a prayer. When we perform, it really is about praying, not performance.”— Sister Karlene Sensmeier

Stillpoint recordings:

Sounds of Peace, 1988

Open My Life to Your Song, 1996

Time Made Holy, 2000

Listen, 2010

Also performing on Stillpoint recordings are Cyndi Bickel, harpist, and Dianne Fowler, cellist.

“When I hear the other members singing and playing and pouring their heart and soul into our music, something more than the music is happening. I experience it as that inner ‘still point’ within each of us being united for a greater cause—to praise God through music.”— Sister Mary Louise Uebelhor

Other Ferdinand Benedictine recordings:

Members of the community, including Stillpoint members, have recorded a number of albums over the years.

Echoes of Joy, 1975, performed by Sisters of St. Benedict and Academy students.

Seasons of Grace, 1988, selections of Gregorian chant from Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter seasons, sung by the Schola.

Tidings of Peace, 2003, traditional Christmas songs and instrumental music, performed by Sisters of St. Benedict. Includes an original composition by Sister Teresa Gunter.

The Call, 2006, instrumental music for inspiration, healing, comfort, and peace, performed by Sisters of St. Benedict. Includes original compositions by Sisters Mary Louise Uebelhor, Brenda Engleman, Rose Wildeman, and Anita Louise Lowe.

Glory to God, 2008, organ pieces performed by Sister Theresita Schenk, most on the organ in the monastery church. Includes an original composition by Sister Theresita.

Five of these CDs are available at Monastery Gift Shop online store.