Who are Oblates?

Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian women and men from all walks of life who associate themselves with a specific Benedictine monastery to enrich their way of life. They desire to share the prayer and work of the monastery in order to spread the spirit of St. Benedict.

Oblates promise to deepen their faith and to lead enriched Christian lives according to the Rule of St. Benedict; they do not take on new religious practices. The spirituality of St. Benedict is so flexible that it can be adapted to the life of anyone seriously seeking God and desiring to live the Gospel message.

Through association with the Sisters of St. Benedict, Oblates receive guidance and support in living the Christian life. The support and guidance is provided  through regular Oblate meetings, by the quarterly Oblate newsletter, and other enrichment opportunities offered by the sisters.

Oblate News

Oblates offers news and information for the Oblates of St. Benedict.

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