Construction is underway

Though our spirit will always be the same, our home has had some major changes in the past few years. Madonna Hall was deconstructed in 2017, revealing a new and beautiful entryway. The Benedictine Hospitality Center opened in 2018, allowing friends, family, and visitors to stay closer to us and our church.

Now, we are renovating the hallways and front entrance of our monastery, updating all of our bathrooms and restructuring our floor and rooms to make sure our home stands tall and welcoming to all who come to visit.

Construction is set to be completed by mid-July, just in time for our new prioress to take office.┬áTo make sure all of our friends are up to date with the progress of our renovations, we want to share a gallery of current and past construction for you to follow. We will update this gallery periodically as the workers move from area to area, leaving beautiful new rooms in their wake. Soon, you’ll be able to see it for yourself!