Of a Miracle Wrought by His Sister, Scholastica

Scholastica used to visit Benedict once a year at a place between their two abbeys. According to their custom, one year Benedict and his monks went to meet her, and they spent the whole day praising God and talking about spiritual things. When it was getting late they ate together, and as they sat at the table talking of devout matters, darkness set in. Scholastica entreated her brother to stay there all night so they could talk about the joys of heaven. But he could not be persuaded to stay away from his abbey all night.

At that time, the sky was clear. The nun, receiving her brother’s denial, folded her hands and bowed her head in prayer. Lifting her head, there suddenly fell such a tempest of lightning, thunder, and rain that neither Benedict, nor his monks, could go outside. The holy nun had poured forth such a flood of tears that she transformed the clear sky into a great storm.

Benedict, seeing that he could not return to his abbey in such a storm, complained: “God forgive you, what have you done?”

Scholastica answered: “I asked you to stay, and you would not hear me. I asked our good Lord, and he has answered me. If you can now depart, in God’s name return to your monastery and leave me here alone.”

The good father, not being able to go forth, stayed. They stayed awake all night, immersed in spiritual and heavenly talk. By the power of almighty God, a woman’s prayers had wrought a miracle.