How Benedict Brought Water to Subiaco

Three of the monasteries that Benedict founded in the region were located among the rocks on the mountain. It was very difficult for the brothers to descend to draw water from the lake—there was great danger from the steep incline. So the brothers from the three monasteries got together and said to Benedict, “It is difficult for us to come down every day to the lake for water; the monasteries will have to be moved to another place.”

Benedict consoled them gently and sent them away. That night, accompanied by young Brother Placid, he climbed the rock on the mountain and prayed. When he finished, he placed three stones in the place to mark it and went back to his monastery.

The next day when the brothers came to him again, he said, “Go to that rock where you will find three stones placed on top of one another and do a little digging. For Almighty God can produce water even on the top of that mountain and spare you from having to make such a difficult journey.” They went and found that the mountain rock was already oozing. They made a hole in it and it immediately filled with water—it flowed out so plentifully that, to this day, it runs down in abundance and forms a stream from the mountain peak to the base.