Sister Gail brings supplies to the border

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Can you help Sister Gail bring much needed supplies to our migrant brothers and sisters?

On February 23rd, three sisters from our community, including Sister Gail Hamilton, will return to Eagle Pass, TX, on the Mexican border. They will make the 20 hour drive straight through to help Sister Ursula, another Benedictine sister, with her work at a migrant house and three orphanages, one for boys, one for girls and one for the disabled, across the border in Piedras Negras, Mexico.  “Every day we will go to Piedras Negras to bring much needed supplies to the migrants,” says Sister Gail. These supplies include necessities like water, socks, canned food, and diapers, as well as toys and security blankets for the hundreds of men, women, and children waiting at the border.

This is not the first trip to Eagle Pass for Sister Gail, and hopefully not her last. “When I first heard the unrest at the border, children being taken from their parents, I knew God was calling me to do something,” Sister Gail recalls. She was then put in touch with Sister Ursula, and from there was invited to help at the migrant house. “It is literally life and death for the people there. They have absolutely nothing and are beyond grateful for anything at all that we can provide.” Sister Gail hopes to continue to have a sister presence there one week every other month or more. “I’m already planning to go back in April!” she exclaimed.

The migrants at the border are from all over central America, fleeing their homes for a safer, healthier life. “The communities where these people live are so dangerous that they will risk everything to try and make it into America. Every day there is a line of people waiting to get their application processed. The latest caravan was between 1,500-2,000 people. Currently, the border is only processing 14 applications a day. While they are waiting, there are limited places for these men, women and children to stay, and with the increasing uneasiness and unrest, safety has become a large concern.

Both the Old and New Testaments tell compelling stories of refugees forced to flee because of oppression. Exodus tells the story of the Chosen People, Israel, who were victims of bitter slavery in Egypt. They were utterly helpless by themselves, but with God’s powerful intervention they were able to escape and take refuge in the desert. For forty years they lived as wanderers with no homeland of their own. Finally, God fulfilled his ancient promise and settled them on the land that they could finally call home (Betz, Fr. Thomas, 2018.)

Catholic social teaching calls for a country to regulate its borders with justice and mercy. 

Sister Gail is asking if you could provide justice and mercy to these struggling migrants by helping provide much needed items necessary for survival?


$8 provides 2 cases of drinkable water to a family

$16 brings socks to 24 children

$24 is one month’s supply of diapers for a baby in the orphanage

$43 covers one of the several tanks of gas for the 20 hour trip to Texas

Fill the van!


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