Ways of praying

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Benedictines firmly believe that God is everywhere we go, and everywhere we look. So it follows naturally that finding God in every step of life is at the very heart of a person’s spiritual journey. It’s also the essence of the Rule of St. Benedict—the 1,500-year-old instruction that guides the lives of monastic women and men, including the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand.

What is Prayer?

Sisters gather for prayer in the monastery church.

  • The lifting of one’s mind and heart to God.
  • Loving conversation with God; listening to the spirit who speaks to you.
  • The most basic practice that grows a mindfulness of God’s presence.
  • A conscious turning to the invisible friend who is always near (Teresa of Avila).
  • Speaking one’s own thoughts of adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication.

Being Present 
Prayer can be active or receptive, but it begins with presence. Start by being attentive to the sacred. Wherever you are, concentrate on experiencing God’s presence, and on how to respond. 

Speaking and Listening to God 
Each person can have their own way of talking with God. It can be private or communal, mournful or jubilant, planned or spontaneous. It can be the Liturgy of the Hours, the Stations of the Cross, the rosary, writing a journal, praying with Scripture, music, dancing, or just sitting in stillness. All that’s required is the willingness to be attentive to God. 

Each person can find their own way to personal growth through a relationship with God. Following are some different ways of praying that may help you.