Facilitation services

The facilitator works with the group representative to clarify needs, identify issues to be explored, and design a process to best assist the group. The facilitator manages the process throughout the meetings and provides an executive summary of the meeting content and decisions. 

Group facilitation services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Pastoral planning
  • Team building
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Discernment processes

For more information, call 812-367-2777, ext. 2915, or 800-880-2777, ext. 2915.


Mr. Alan Hoffman, MBA
Strategic planning
Developing master plans
Financial planning
Meeting facilitation

Trained in creative problem solving. Chief financial officer, Sisters of St. Benedict. Former officer of Kimball International in financial and operational roles. 812-367-1411, ext. 2613 • ahoffman@thedome.org.


Sister Kathryn Huber, OSB
Discernment processes 
Directed and preached retreats 
Day retreats 
Spiritual direction 

Team member of the Spirituality Ministries of the Sisters of St. Benedict, team member of Mission Advancement, president and board member of the USA Secretariat of Alliance for Inter-Monasticism (AIM), and active in the Global Peace Initiative of Women. Graduate degrees in spirituality and education with on-going formation in monastic spirituality. Former federation president, prioress, retreat minister, principal, and teacher. 812-367-1411 • khosb@thedome.org 


Sister Joella Kidwell, OSB, MAT
Strategic planning with religious congregations
Pastoral planning for parishes and diocesan groups
Meeting facilitation
Team building
Discernment processes
Vocation planning

Trained in creative problem solving. Former prioress, planning director, vocation director, and teacher. Degree in theological studies. 800-880-2777, ext. 2901, or 812-367-2777, ext. 2901 •  joellak@thedome.org


Sister Maria Tasto, OSB, MA
Discernment processes
Directed and preached retreats

Retreat topics: Centering Prayer, Lectio, spiritual journey, true self, grieving, and journaling. Faculty member of Contemplative Outreach, teacher of Progoff Journal. Former formation director, personnel director, and teacher. 812-367-1411, ext. 2656 •  mariat@thedome.org


Sister Jane Becker, OSB, PhD
Meeting facilitation
Workshops: Transition, communication skills, conflict management, forgiveness
Team building
Formation consulting
Discernment processes

Clinical psychologist in private practice. Former formation director, planning director, seminary staff psychologist, and teacher. 812-367-1411 • janeb@thedome.org