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There are so many ways you can connect with the Sisters of St. Benedict. Visit us. Participate in a retreat or program. Join our Oblates Program.

And, of course, volunteer! We invite student and parish groups and individuals to partner with us. You can also become an active member of the Academy Alumnae Association by participating in various activities throughout the year. 


Testimonial: Reen Gutgsell

“Working with the sisters has been an absolute pleasure, and I’ve learned a lot. I’m amazed at the hospitality—you girls really follow ‘the rule.’ It has been a tremendous joy for me getting the opportunity to meet so many from the community. 

“I was forced to quit working a couple of years ago, and I sincerely felt as though my life was over. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do!! It was definitely part of God’s plan that Sister Marilyn Schroering and I sat down to chat after not having seen each other for a number of years. The next thing I knew, I was spending a lot of time at the monastery—and having a blast! Sister Marilyn is a wonderful person, a good friend, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sisters Ann and Diane as well. The staff members at the Kordes Center are just the BEST. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the volunteer program. I love it!!”

The St. James Crew

“Thank you!!! We cannot begin to tell you all how much we appreciate your hospitality, your encouragement, your gratitude, and your prayers during our mission trip visit. This was our first mission, and it touched our lives like nothing else before. We feel closer to God and close to each other from our experiences, and count ourselves blessed to have been a part of your community for a week. We hope we did a good job for you, and really hope we can come back to serve you again.”


Benedictine Oblates are ordinary men and women spreading the spirit of St. Benedict. And you don’t have to drastically change your life to get involved. The time commitment is completely up to you. All it takes is a desire to share your beliefs with those around you and dedicate yourself to helping others, every day. 

For more information about becoming an Oblate, call 812-367-1411, ext. 2827. You can also e-mail a team member at

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Here are upcoming opportunities to share your time and talents with our community and those we serve. For more information, please contact Sister Mary Philip Berger at or 812-367-1411, ext. 3021. 

Late November and December

October, November, December
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Vegetable Garden
Ferdinand, IN


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We, the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana, are monastic women seeking God through the Benedictine tradition of community life, prayer, hospitality, and service to others. By our life and work, we commit ourselves to be a presence of peace as we join our sisters and brothers in the common search for God.

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